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Staffing Solutions

We offer four staffing solutions: Temporary, Temp-To-Hire, Direct Hire and Outsourcing.


Temporary Staffing allows a dental office to hire on an as-needed basis to cover absenteeism, medical leaves and other planned or unexpected regular staff shortages.


Right AlignTemp-To-Hire lets a dental office evaluate the candidate's skills on the job and also lets the candidate get a feel for a particular office.
Dental offices can review resumes and even interview candidates you are most interested in for the position. After a candidate has worked 480 hours, you can hire them and pay no additional fee to DDS. This solution saves time, stress, and of course, money.

Direct Hire

hygienist Direct Hire gives a dental office the option of letting DDS advertise and do all the preliminary interviews for a vacant position. We will send you the information on the pre-screened candidates and you can pick from a much smaller candidate base. There is a flat fee attached.
This option saves time by letting Dentists handle the day-to-day operation of your practice without interruption and without having to review resumes of unqualified applicants or sit through interviews with unacceptable candidates. Also, since we do all the advertising, our program saves you this money as well.


Outsourcing allows dental offices to hire temporary staff for coverage when moving a business to a new location and cover for attrition during a closedown.